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About us



This website was designed with the intention of creating a uniform place for clinical pharmacists, students, researchers and all other pharmacists or healthcare professionals interested in clinical pharmacy. We would like to expand the visibility of success and activities of our members among the professional public and contribute to consolidating the position of clinical pharmacy on the health activities map.


Clinical pharmacists are brought together within the Section of Clinical Pharmacists, one of the sections under the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society. The Section of Clinical Pharmacists works towards integrating a clinical pharmacist into each healthcare team with the objective of enabling each individual patient evidence-based optimization and rationalization of treatment with medications. A clinical pharmacist has been recognized across the world as an indispensable part of a healthcare team and an important part of patient-oriented treatment. Since its establishment in 1997, the section has been working towards progress and implementation of clinical pharmacy at all levels of the healthcare system. The largest progress in the healthcare system has been noticed at the secondary and tertiary level of healthcare – a clinical pharmacist is involved in hospital treatment of patients at every Slovenian hospital, but in varying extent.


Active placement of a clinical pharmacist to a primary level began at the end of 2012. After a successfully executed development task by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia entitled “Quality prescription of medications”, which also included a consultant clinical pharmacist, the work of a consultant pharmacist has systematically become a part of the health centres programme. In three years the programme will be introduced at all health centres across Slovenia. This will provide the general practitioners the possibility of referring patients to a pharmacotherapy examination performed by a consultant pharmacist at an outpatient clinic within their health centre.


A long-term objective at the hospitals is to achieve the norm of 1 clinical pharmacist per 2100 weighted hospital cases.


As the section is well aware of the fact that continuous training is required for quality patient treatment, it is actively engaged in professional training of its members.

Once a year the section organizes a symposium for clinical pharmacists with international participation and several expert meetings. Our members are getting increasingly invited to pharmaceutical and other symposiums as guest speakers (Schrottovi dnevi, Zadravčevi dnevi, Tavčarjevi dnevi, TIMI, Uporabna kardiologija, Srce in duša, Starostnik etc.) and they also participate in the execution of undergraduate and postgraduate training.


The research spirit within the section grows exponentially as there are more and more clinical trials and studies of treatment outcomes performed every year, including the work of clinical pharmacists. The results of these studies are displayed as poster presentations at every symposium of the Section of Clinical Pharmacists as well as in the form of scientific original and review papers in journals with the impact factor.

The section and its members strive towards excellence in the profession, continuous (self)training, networking with other healthcare professionals and patient-oriented treatment.




The Section of Clinical Pharmacists is a section under the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society, therefore the organization and operation of the section is compliant with the Rules on the operation of subsidiaries and sections of the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society.


Authorities of a subsidiary or section:

  1. General Assembly
  2. Executive Committee
  3. Supervisory Board


The Executive Committee appoints the scientific committees and other working groups for the realization of the programme. The section is led by the Executive Committee of the section which is chaired and represented by the president of the section. Normally, the committee has 3 to 9 members. The authorities’ mandate is 2 years with the possibility of three re-elections.